Final preparations

26 April 2019

Our second day at sea has been a quiet hum of activity. The ship is speeding towards the Goldeneye site for arrival at midday tomorrow, while the rest of us begin to prepare our equipment for the coming days. Teams have been taking advantage of the relative quiet before the storm, going through the plans with a fine toothcomb and ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities. Mostly though we’re just enjoying the last real down time we’ll all have before it’s all stations go on site.

Chris and Doug discuss plans with engineering gurus Kevin and Rob

Seafloor mapping team (Veerle and James) review the survey plans with Chris and Doug

Making sure all the sensors are ready too…

It’s important to note that even at this late stage plans are still being adjusted. As a forgotten general once said “No plan survives contact with the enemy” or as Mike Tyson put it “Everyone’s got a plan till they get hit in the face.” With an experiment as complicated and unique as this, flexibility is key and we need to be able to quickly adapt our plans at any moment. Something that will be much easier now thanks to Chris Pearce’s patented “Seep Map”! A 4ft-high map of the experiment site complete with scale diagrams of all the landers, which allows us to easily visualise the position of our equipment throughout the expedition. No doubt this will prove an invaluable tool (and a surprising amount of fun)!

The Master Plan

We’ll all no doubt be having an early night tonight to make sure we are all ready for the first lander deployments…

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